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Welcome to nursefactory.com nursefactory offers a wide range of products and accessories for Health Professionals in hospitals, clinics, GP practices, community nurses, laboratory staff, radiology staff, nursing students and medical students Hi my name is Lynne. I am a Registered Nurse with 40 years experience in nursing. Nursefactory offers a wide range of nursing products and accessories for Healthcare Professionals in hospitals, clinics, GP practices, community nurses, laboratory staff, radiology staff, nursing students and medical students Knowing how busy we all get with families and other activities I created this website to make it easier for you to obtain products that is required for Health Professionals/Nurses to students, while capturing a great selection of products.
Nursing Scrubs is something I can talk about with ease. I wear a lot of Natural Uniform Scrubs have the style that suits me with V neck plenty of pockets and Mock Wrap, and can tell you that I love them. Some Hospitals that I have worked in make it mandatory to wear the same colour top and bottoms. When I am able to wear designs on tops and plain bottoms I usually choose G Med as they have such a great selection of designs. Even saying my choice many of my collegues wear different brands and they are equally happy with them. Below is a list of some of the brands of scrubs availabe. Nursing Scrubs from DICKIES, GREYS ANATOMY, DICKIES and many to choose from. Selection of fabrics to make work procedures easier to perform. Nursing Shoes from SKETCHERS, NIKE, MOZO and many more. From Clothing eg Nursing Scrubs, great colours and designs to choose from, and fabrics chosen for comfort. Nursing Books/DVDs to assist in learning or keeping skills updated whether being a student, nurse or wanting to learn management skills they are all here. Nursing Stethoscopes many selections available to have your own and Nurses pouches to carry scissors, pens, tapes etc, Fun nursing sweaters to keep you warm or just as a talking point, and trendy nursing shoes and clogs for comfort and busy feet. Nurses watches, sissors, pen light torches, tourniquets it is all here for you. Your one-stop-shop for the very best values the Internet has to offer. There is something to suit all budgets. Please visit our “Shopping” pages, and don’t miss the great values featured on this page!
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In my nursing career I have learnt learning never stops for any Nurse. I have chosen four books that I have found invaluable as a Nurse, It doesn't matter what level your career is. Nurses and the law I found this book invaluable when working in different countries. I always have a Lippincott book handy to to check our surgical diagnosis and the good of Anatomy and Physiology to keep me updated. There are also a great selection of Reference Cards for Nurses to learn from.


Nurses Being on my feet all day I always look for a pair of shoes that are light weight, offer great support to mu ankles and have good non-slip soles. I usually go for Sketchers in the ward but in the Emergency Department I love the Dansko Clogs with designs on them and are waterproof, As nurses we do need to be comfortable and look professional. This website offers a great selection from sporty to formal foot wear, of mens and women Nursing shoes/clogs SANITA, SKETCHERS, DANSKO, ALEGRIA, CHEROKEE, DICKIES and many more. With Health and Safety being a big issue in the nursing workforce, it is important to be work wise. Check out our selection of Nurses Waterproof and durable, non slip Nursing shoes for work in wet areas. Different designs and colours. This page is a must to peruse. Poorly fitted Nursing shoes offer no support and can cause backpain and sore joints so check out the different styles. There are an amazing selection of Nursing shoes and clogs here for all Health Professionals even those who work in offices and want comfort at work.


I have had many Nurses Fob Watches over the years but the ones I find the best are those that have silicon bands that can be washed to prevent cross infection. I have over the years when I give a gift to a Nurse I look for something special and relevant to them. We have a great selection of Products to choose from. eg Pandora charms to Nurses pins with speciality designs, Nurses braclets in gold or silver. I find that like most Nurses I have my own stethoscope and dont like sharing it with others. I know if only I use it then it is clean. I liken it to my coffee mug which has a great Nurse logo on. Nurses always lose pens so I have novelty pens that I can always recognise when a collegue has borrowered it . Check out these and many more. We offer a large selection of different products .


I always feel the cold on night duty and when I am in the office writing report I have a sweater on. I enjoy my sweater with Nurse logos on as it gives me a feeling of pride in who I am. I know that there are some Logos which are probably not appropriate for the ward, but I have a few which I wear at home or with friends. Want to stand out in a crowd we have a great selection of Nursing Sweaters in different colours and logos. Easy wash and wear. Warm and comfortable. If we can't say it lets wear it. Cotton/Poly fabrics with Stretch waist bands and cuffs. Nursing Sweaters from side pockets to Kangaroo pouches to keep hands warm. In a wide range of sizes and designs, Crewneck, Hoodies, Cardigans and more. Hold a fun night with these Nursing Sweaters as they are a great source of entertainment. Nurses keep warm on the winter nights on night duty.


Nurses want to be comfortable in these Nursing scrubs while looking trendy. Nursing scrubs designed with plenty of pockets for stethoscopes etc, or none if that is want you prefer. Wanting unisex Nursing scrubs or individual tops and pants check this page out and find more of what you are looking for. Many designs to choose from GREYS ANATOMY, CHEROKEE, WONDER WINK, DICKIES and many more. Great selection of Maternity Scrubs for Nurses. Nurses keep children amused with these mix and match Nursing scrubs from floral to printed fabrics with elastic or corded waistbands. Nursing scrubs give more comfort and ease with movement and are designed in fabrics that are wash and wear easy and make nursing procedures easier to perform.


I have always wanted to keep my skills updated and enjoyed learning to skills. As Nurses we all have mandatory subjects that have to be completed before we can continue to get our Nursing Registrations. Are you always on the look out for new material? Nurses to need to keep skills updated, or wanting to advance in your Career. we have a great selection of books to choose from. Wanting to learn about Drug calculations you will find it all here. Nursing books from basic Nursing to becoming a Nursing Manager. Learn how to be a good support person for your collegues and patients. Know the importance on how to write a care plan and become aware of Patients Rights and different cultures. There are many books on experiences of other Health Professionals that can help you through difficult times. nursefactory.com has all the Nursing books required for your learning needs, plus Nursing journals.